I am Luca Donato from Italy, I work in a little amateur astronomers association in the Nord-East of Italy...near Venice. First...sorry for my English :-)
Please I have a urgent Problem with a invoice ,I think I have wrong data for registration, The software is for our no-commercial association, but the Paypal account used for the payment is mine, if is possible can you insert in the order this address :

A.F.A.M (Associazione Friulana di Astronomia e Meteorologia)
Piazza G. Miani , Remanzacco (UD)
C.A.P. 33047

in addition to my address here :

Luca Donato,
via CIVIDALE NUM. 30/A ,Torreano (UD)
C.A.P 33040

Because the software is not mine but for A.F.A.M. There are not problem if the License code is this:

Name: Luca Donato
Email: donlu79@********
Upgrades Expire: 01-Apr-10
Serial Number: ********************

the problem is only in the order report, or in the invoice.

I just bought for my association your software but I need this invoice

to pay taxes. .

I wait your answer ;-)

Thank you very much

Best Regards

Luca Donato

p.s. great software...is possible control the temperature of guide CCD by browser?