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    Default Unexpected camera error

    Tonight I ran a plan with flats . All seems to run nice until.. when taking flats,suddenly a camera error stopped the plan .I can achieve 2 success flats files..before crashing..I attach the Log of the flat plan..
    When time to imaging was reach..ACP launch the imaging plan..but,again..the camera error stopped the imaging plan. End of history (brief,uh?...)
    Also ACP log file is attached..

    BTW: ACP 5.1 Hotfix8b-MaximDL 4.62-FocusMax (the last one). Camera is SBIG STL11000,mount AP900..T

    I´m trying to reproduce the situation..but with no success..Any idea?
    Running a remote observatory 350miles far away ..makes me prudent in excess
    Many thanks for reading this and for your excellent supportĦ

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