I purchased a license for ACP back in October or so. Fussing with my new RCOS and AP1200 and all of their capabilities absorbed a lot of time. Additionally I had already climbed the learning curve with CCDAP and CCDC, so I was hesitant to dive into ACP.

During the past moon lit weeks, I've jumped in with both feet, and have to say it is a phenomenal product. Once the structure is understood it is easy to become very excited my its rock-solid performance and flexibility. Little things make a huge difference, for example my guiding has simply never been as good or trouble free.

The documentation is extremely comprehensive too.

Are there some things I'd like to see? Sure, an easy way to asses the imaging merits of a draft plan (object rise and set time, time at certain airmass parameters, daylight, moonlight, flat start time, etc.) and change it on the fly would be nice.