Hi Rick,

Yeah, the "3.6.18" that appears at the bottom of the "Step 1: Software and Catalog Installation" paragraphs in "Getting Started" is a typo - it should have said 3.4.18. Are there other places where this appears to be wrong? (This is the help file for ACP version 5.)

FocusMax 3.4.22 is the latest update version of the .exe file. If you downloaded it, just drop it into the FocusMax folder, right on top of whatever earlier version is there.

Regarding the popup window, are you talking about clicking the button in step 3 of the "Software Installation Checks" in "Getting Started?" I don't understand why that would cause you a problem, unless the whole FocusMax package was not installed right? It works okay for me. Did this work before and now it's not working?