Hi Bob,

What's disappointing is that Planner de-evolved from it's original vision into something much simpler because most people couldn't cope with the timing features at all. I had to add an option to disable them.
Please, please, don't feel like the timing features of Planner aren't important. I rely on them exclusively. As you know, before Planner, I used a self-built spreadsheet to do what Planner does with respect to figuring out the timing of a multi-target imaging night. Even when only image a handful of targets, that's a huge hassle that Planner solves effectively and efficiently!

It's in that efficiency-minded thought process that I want to help support the case for an "#imageuntil" directive. This would be the "cat's meow" with respect to not being perfect with the timing developed in Planner and using 100% of the available imaging time. There's almost always some unaccounted for time - meaning actual versus Planner. Things like flips, extra long autofocus, plate-solve offsets, extra long guider startups, etc. make Planning not quite an exact science. To deal with this in practice, I set a couple of the parameters a little long (like download time and pointing exposure times), and manually edit the Planner-generated #waituntil commands for target 2 (and beyond) to be a little earlier. That way, I make sure there's no idle time for a perfectly executed Plan while never starting target 2 (etc.) too early if target 1 ends prematurely for some reason. In this circumstance, an #imageuntil would be perfect. Of course, dawn flat plans and taking darks would also benefit from this directive as well.