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    Default Planalyzer - Program to analyze ACP plan timing

    I just finished a little program that analyzes an ACP observing plan and displays information about the plan timing. After manually editing several plans, I grew frustrated not knowing how long the edited plan would run, and if it would finish before the dawn flat starting time.

    Planalyzer reads ACP Planner properties and an ACP plan, then calculates the duration of each step and shows that step's ending time on a little clock. The total plan duration and ending time also are shown.

    The plan may be edited (a'la Notepad) and the timing recalculated instantly. If satisfactory, the modified plan may be saved to disk.

    I've attached a screen shot showing Planalyzer in operation.

    Anyone wanting to play with Planalyzer may download it here:
    There is no installation program -- just unzip all the files into a directory on your hard drive.

    Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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