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    Default FocusMax STOP on moving focuser for filter change

    I'm continuing this thread from here:

    ACP crashes when switching first time from default Clear filter to (in this case) R filter, and trying to move the focuser. See screen dump, ErrorScreen.png.

    At this point there a second instance of FocusMax is (trying to be) starting. See TaskScreen.png.

    The code in AcquireSupport (line 5506) where this occurs is in "SetFilterOffset(FiltNum)":

        z = reqOffs - curOffs                                       ' Focus difference between the two
        If z <> 0 Then
            Util.Console.PrintLine "  Focus change of " & z & " steps required"
            If c_haveAF Then                                        ' If AutoFocus turned on, use FocusMax
                Set F = CreateObject("FocusMax.Focuser")
                Util.WaitForMilliseconds 2000                       ' Allow FM to get running
            Else                                                    ' No AF, use Focuser directly
                Set F = CreateObject(c_focuserID)
    ''-         Trace "  [foffs] Using Focuser driver " & c_focuserID
            End If
            wasLink = F.Link
            F.Link = True
    The log file is also attached (see 20090127@210704.log).

    I then added some Console.PrintLine statements sprinkled throughout the SetFilterOffset() code, and found that the Focus Max runtime error 13, Type mismatch, occurs while ACP is executing the statement "wasLink = F.Link". It's hard for me to understand what would cause this. It's the first instance of running FocusMax in order to change the focuser position.

    Don't know where to go from here, but I sure can't take images with other filters now. Some ideas for "testing" would be appreciated.
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    Pier-mounted Meade 12-inch SCT "classic"
    Optec TCF-S focuser
    SBIG CFW-8A and ST7-XME
    H-alpha, BVRI, RGB & Clear filters
    FOV ~ 15' x 10'



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