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    Question Installing FocusMax On A Windows Vista Laptop - Please Help!

    About a year ago I purchased a Robofocus unit, intending to get it set up using CCDSoft and FocusMax on my Windows XP laptop. A short time later I decided to get rid of my old laptop in favor of a new one running Windows Vista Home Premium. Little did I know what a horror story was about to unfold.

    After many, many attempts to install FocusMax, I have yet to be successful. I've read every reference that I can find on the subject. It seems that there are some of you who have been successful getting FocusMax to run on a Vista machine. I've installed Larry Weber and Steve Brady's FixVista.bat file. I've tried it with UAC on and off. I've attempted to install every version of FocusMax that I could find a download file for. I'd pretty much abandoned all hope when I found some of the threads that members here have posted.

    I would be eternally grateful if anyone here could help step me through a successful FocusMax install on Vista. If this is a rehash of a tired subject I apologize. If so, if anyone could point me toward the appropriate post(s) that would be great. If I sound desparate, sorry, I am. Any help would be very sincerely appreciated.

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