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    Thumbs up SNFinder application released

    Hi all,

    Now, a few days after John Winfield announced the release of his ACP Survey Application, I also think that my SNFinder application is ready for an initial release.

    I wrote this application to make comparing dozens of Images and detecting Super Novae or Minor Planets a bit easier.

    SNFinder is specially designed to integrate with John Winfields ACP Survey Utility.
    For this application SNFinder provides a special Tool called Survey Scanner which automatically finds new Images,
    blinks them with an appropriate Reference Image and archives them.

    My SNFinder Program is available for download from my website:

    You will also find a zipped HTM Helpfile only to see what SNFinder is all about:

    If you try it, please let me know and tell me how this works for you.
    I'd also appreciate to hear any comment or suggestions for improvement you may have.

    And of course I will be happy to provide help if you have any problems with it.
    My special thanks go to John for Debugging and Testing.

    Kind Regards,


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    Default SNFinder

    Hello Jorg,

    I tried getting your software and help file, but the website you reference is in German. I do not know how to read it. Help please.

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    The German sentence at the top of the Yahoo page says, roughly, that "unfortunately, the website you're trying to find on Geocities is no longer available." (more or less that's what it says.) Perhaps Jorg will have another location where you can find this application.

    The suggestion at the bottom of the Yahoo page is to go to and look for the website there, but I tried that and it's not there either.
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    Hello Frank,

    Dick is right...the sentence only says that this site is not available anymore.
    Yahoo deleted my Website End of October 2009 without any warning.

    I have not found the time to rebuilt my website completely. Til now I only found an interim solution to shift some pages to my weather server step by step if there is a need for it.

    I just built a folder for SN Finder. You can find the latest release here:

    But be aware: My server is a little NAS with a 266MHz Processor. Since I have some hard- and software attached for testing purposes, this server might be down from time to time (because it crashes pretty fast if my software has problems )

    If you have problems feel free to send me a Mail to tilfen att gmail dot com and I'll try to help asap.



    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Mraz View Post
    Hello Jorg,

    I tried getting your software and help file, but the website you reference is in German. I do not know how to read it. Help please.

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    Hi all,

    if somebody is searching for SNF, you can find it here:





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