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    Talking DISCONTINUED: Comm Center from Email [HD VIDEO]

    February 14, 2012: SERVICE DISCONTINUED. Sorry everyone. Please read here for the reasons.

    November 27, 2009: New Video!
    November 25, 2009: Many formatting and conversion issues fixed. You can now both read and post in either HTML or plain text! See this message
    November 12, 2009: Posting and reply email addresses have changed from to See this message.
    November 11, 2009: Bug causing raw HTML to appear in emails fixed, you can now participate in plain text as well as HTML. See this message.
    January, 2009: Service enhanced for true HTML capabilities, with a few caveats. See this message.
    April, 2008: A new, totally rewritten add-on is now installed. See this message.

    Yes, you heard right! I worked with another vBulletin developer to produce a plug-in that allows 2-way participation in the Comm Center by email. This delivers the capability that we had when we were using Yahoo! groups - you don't need to fire up your browser and log in. The traffic comes into your email box and you can reply right in your emailer. You can also start new threads by email. The forum email addresses are listed below the video.

    DISCLAIMER: You need a modern threading emailer, one that supports the Internet/IETF email threading standards. Examples include Mozilla Thunderbird, Google's GMail, even recent versions of Outlook Express. As far as I can tell, as of Nov 2009, even the "new" Yahoo! mail does not. It appears to have a cheesy and unreliable "navigate by subject" capability but no threading for real. Watch out with the corporate/government Outlook systems too. Many of them run old versions of Outlook/Exchange which have a proprietary and incompatible system for threading that won't work outside of Outlook.

    You can now send/receive in either HTML or plain text. See this message.


    Here's a video on how to get started and some tips on using email with the Comm Center. Try this in HD mode and full screen!

    Using Email With the Comm Center
    If the video hangs up when switching to HD, Stop it, rewind it, and start it again.


    Company and Product Information
    Help Using the Comm Center

    ACP Observatory Control Software
    ACP Planner
    Share Your Sky!
    ACP Scheduler
    PinPoint and Visual PinPoint

    Pre-Sales Technical Questions and Help
    ACP Add-Ons and Enhancements
    John Winfield's All-Sky Plate Solving
    Mike Dodd's Planalyzer
    Customer and Pre-Sales Help
    Hardware and Driver Issues
    FocusMax Questions
    Success Stories & Kind Words
    Astro-Image Gallery
    General Astronomy-Related
    Off-Topic Discussions
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    -- Bob



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