Update 04-Jan-2008:

The email service now accepts HTML emails and produces HTML emails, as it originally did before the April "update". Long story. The HTML formats that are accepted for incoming email posts, as well as those generated for outgoing email, are probably not good for some emailers. If you're having problems, please read the additional info below.

Incoming HTML Email:

Most HTML is accepted, including bold, italic, etc., numbered and unnumbered lists. Any explicit font or color HTML is stripped out (no way to know if the font is available and/or if the color works with the user's selected forum style/skin).

If you enclose material in <tt> tags, it will be converted into "vanilla" monospaced text in the posted message. This will carry through to outgoing emails but will appear as <font face="monospace">.

If you want a quote to appear, do whatever you need to to have that material enclosed in <blockquote> tags. This is automatically done by my mailer Thunderbird.

If you want to post stuff in a "code" block, do whatever you need to do to have that material enclosed in <pre> tags. In Thunderbird, simply select "preformat" as the text style.

If you are replying, and quote the entire original message including the links block at the end, the links block will be stripped out when the reply is processed for posting to the forum. Thus you can simply "quote original" in your reply and leave it.

Outgoing HTML Email:

Regardless of whether a message is posted using the browser interface or via email, the outgoing HTML mail will preserve most formatting, lists, etc. Font and color selections will also be preserved (this may change if it becomes a problem).

Quote blocks will be enclosed in <blockquote type="cite"> tags. You may have to configure your emailer to show this as a typical email quote. Thunderbird does it natively.

Code blocks will be enclosed in <pre> tags.