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    Default HOWTO: Attaching files to messages

    When posting "long" log files, plans, script code, or images, it's better to attach them to your message as opposed to inserting gobs of text into the message.

    To attach a file to a post
    1. Get into the "advanced editor" if needed (Go Advanced button or Post New Thread)
    2. Scroll down below the message editing area and locate the Manage Attachments button and click it.
    3. A separate window will appear. You have a choice of uploading a file that's on your computer, or grabbing one from some URL. The latter will be rarely used.
    4. Use the Browse button to locate the file to be attached on your computer and put its path into the "Upload File from your computer" field
    5. Click the Upload button (you may need to scroll the little window to the right to see it)
    6. Wait for the upload complete message

    At this point you can close the attachment manager window or attach additional files.
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