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Thanks for letting us know! I suspected that was the case. I'm glad you got to the root of it.
Yes, thanks. Many people at ACP have different cameras etc.. so cross-posted here...

For the record:

This was very bad because it started intermittently with a bad fan then overheating. I think the fan is designed to keep the board dry... will tear apart this AM and see if I can see any problems on the board. Others have had corrosion that jumps contacts and was cured with cleaning... I can always hope. I had the same thing with my SBIG 8300. Had to replace 3 times!

I learned that there is a spray that waterproofs such boards.

Bad for me as a lot of humidity near San Fran.

Case is open with ZWO. I have a friend with a Morovian version with the same SONY chip.... twice the price.