After six months dark due to equipment damaged by a nearby lightning strike, my observatory is again operational, and I'm planning an imaging session for tomorrow. I'm using Planner 4.2.6 on a Windows 10 Pro PC in my home office (not the observatory PC where ACP is installed).

This PC is new to me. On the former PC, when I created a plan, Planner put it in my Documents folder, C:\Users\mike\Documents\ACP Astronomy\Plans. But now Planner defaults to a Documents folder on OneDrive. If I point to the desired Documents folder, Planner warns me, "Saving this observing plan outside your ACP Plans folder will make it non-portable." The only folder I can choose that doesn't elicit this warning is C:\Users\mike\OneDrive\Documents\ACP Astronomy\Plans.

I have uninstalled OneDrive software, but can't delete the OneDrive folder.

I How can I tell Planner to forget about the OneDrive Documents folder, and save my plans to my regular Documents folder? I don't see anything in Preferences to set this.


--- Mike