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    This was handled via email and remote login by Kevin Ivarsen of Planewave:

    Hi David,

    The autofocus client used by ACP should be compatible with PWI2, PWI3, and PWI4. By default it will try to connect to whatever focuser-enabled program was last launched. So if you last launched PWI3 on a machine, AutoFocus will try to use PWI3 for focus control. If you launch PWI4 but it isn't configured with a focuser (e.g. if it is only used for mount control), it will get ignored by AutoFocus.

    You can confirm which program AutoFocus will try to use by opening the config file:

    Documents\PlaneWave Instruments\AutoFocusClient\AutoFocusClient.cfg

    There should be an entry for FocusServerType, which should be PWI4 if that's what was last launched.

    If you find that FocusServerType isn't updating, or if it still seems to be trying to use one of the other programs instead, please send me a copy of that config file and any relevant log entries (or if you send me the login details I can take a look myself).


    Based on that info, Kevin logged into David's system and discovered that the PlaneWave.AutoFocus API wasn't registered with the Windows OS:

    Hi David,

    I logged in and found that the PlaneWave.AutoFocus object was not registered with the system. This should happen with every PWI4 installer that's been built for the past several years, so I'm not sure why it was missing on this system. I tried re-running the installer, and this time it registered everything properly and the autofocus option lights up in ACP. Feel free to give it a try now and let me know if the rest of the functionality is working for you.

    I've added some additional logging to the installer so that if this happens again we might have a better understanding of what happened.


    Thank you Kevin!!
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