Was away at a neighbor's house and when I got home I saw the startup script had run and the dome was open. Problem is the weather had it as overcast/cloudy and I kept hearing the alert buzz. I closed the dome using Dome Control in ACP and it closed fine. Looking at email and I have 115 messages for this system since it started up earlier, as it normally would. At around 5pm today I had ACP Scheduler disabled and was testing the startup and shutdown scripts which completed successfully. That was at 4:57/4:58pm. At 6:37 with Scheduler enabled the startup script ran reporting unsafe weather. At 6:54 it ran with safe weather and opened the dome. From that point on I have over 100 emails reporting Dome closed for running observatory but the dome was actually open as indicated in the Dome Control box. I used Dome control and closed the dome. The emails have ceased. Not sure what created the issue. It's suppose to be nice tonight and tomorrow so I'm trying to get some testing done. Any ideas?