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    Default Max HFD causing failures

    Hello all.

    My autofocus routines keep failing cause the Max HFD keeps being exceeded. FocusMax has it set at 5.99 and every time I change it in FocusMax, it just returns to the value of 5.99. I even tried turning it off and FocusMax turns it back on for Multi star.

    SO, is there a way to change this setting and have it stick? Is there also a way to turn it off?

    Thanks. GB

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    Which HFD setting are you referring to?

    If it is the "Return Start Position" Max HFD setting (see attached below) that forces the focuser to return to it's previous position if the result of a focus run produces a HFD that is larger that the setting in this box then I have noticed that behaves oddly when changing between Single Star and Multistar focus options.

    There might be a bug in the way that the preferences are saved after changing the MAX HFD value and then swapping between Single Star and Multistar focusing options which causes that value to default back to 6.0.

    I found that if you start FocusMax and go into preferences then select the desired focus method, Single-Star or Multi-Star, set the Return Start Position Max HFD and enable (if that is what you need) then exit Prefs and exit FocusMax. The next time you start up FocusMax those settings will still be there.

    But, if you open FocusMax, open Preferences then change the Max HFD value under the Return Start Position and then change the Focus method between Multi-Star and Single-Star (or vice-versa) then the Max HFD value is not saved and reverts back to the default 6.0, or some other random number lower than 6.0.

    If you just start FocusMax from a not-running condition, go to Preferences, select the focus method you want to use, set the Max HFD value you need in the Return Start Position Box, tick enable then exit prefs and exit FocusMax then the setting for Max HFD should "Stick" in the user prefs file when FM5 is closed.

    I was going to report this to Steve Brady on the FM5 forum but the "bug" is somewhat erratic and I've never been able to pin down exactly which steps are needed to reproduce it.

    If the problem is not as described then you need to give a bit more info and point out exactly which max HFD setting you are referring to.



    Max HFD.jpg

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    Thank you William.

    I have tried your steps above. Was finally able to get it to 'remember' the settings when I exited. Will give this a go with fingers crossed. Yes, seems like a bug to me.

    Appreciate your help. GB

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    Thank you William!!!!!
    -- Bob



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