Hi Bruce.

Instead of Pipe, which requires manual launch and setup every time that ACP starts up and connects to the telescope, you could use ASCOM Device Hub instead, which has the advantage that it launches automatically, you just configure ACP to use Device Hub Telescope in the telescope chooser menu and in ASCOM Device Hub you configure your telescope driver in the chooser menu.

Under automation, when ACP connects to the telescope then ASCOM Device Hub will automatically launch and connect to your telescope and if you enable the option "Driver Trace Enabled" in the Device Hub Telescope Setup (see attached screen grab) then all mount traffic will be logged in your daily ASCOM log (see the ASCOM folder in your user Documents directory to find the daily ASCOM logs).

Drive Trace Device Hub.jpg

When you compare the logs generated by Pipe and the ASCOM Device Hub they are basically identical (see screen grab below from separate runs using the ASCOM telescope simulator), with the advantage that the Device Hub Log is time-stamped.

Log Comp.jpg

Device Hub log is on the white page, Pipe log is on the dark page (separate runs)

The only obvious disadvantage using Device Hub in this way as a permanent monitor for the mount traffic is the very large ASCOM log file that will generated every day, you would need to either manually delete the log after each nights successful operations or set up a Windows script to do that for you before the evening start-up and run it as a Windows scheduled task, which would remove the need for you to remember to do this manually.