Hi David --

I see you posted in the public section for Hardware and Software not related to ACP etc. You should be seeing the premium sections for ACP, ACP Expert Scheduler, and PinPoint. If you can't see these sections then you're not listed as a subscriber for updated and support. If you have a current license, or if you're doing the 60 day trial, let me know. In the latter case I'll move this to the Pre-Sales Technical Questions and Help section.

Sorry for the confusion on Telescope connection. The hub is needed for mounts that have old style loadable ASCOM drivers, and I recommend that during setup to sidestep that issue during early familiarization. Note that MaxIm does not need to connect to the mount except for guiding! The idea in Getting Started Step 5 is to have new people use MaxIm as part of the check out process but as the orange box (see below) says that's not for routine use.

You have the A200 mount, and its driver is an executable ASCOM driver. Connect ACP to the A200 via ASCOM, verify that you can see the RA/Dec, and that you can slew it with ACP's Slew or Sync (Catalog) button and form. Then move on to Step 6.

I would like to know the RA and Dec that the script sent the telescope to while then also recording the plate solved position so I can check the pointing.
This will be done automatically. The script outputs the pointing error then adjusts your scope to point directly at the target.

The second thing I've seen missing on several of my friends ACP system is the focus position, dome position, and mirror temperatures.
You can see the focus position on FocusMax. Dome azimuth is not directly displayed, and neither is the mirror temperature. Since I've not had anyone ask for any of these three on the ACP main dashboard. The Dome Control window, (click the Dome Control button on the main dashboard/console) will show the dome Azimuth. The only remaining issue is Mirrot Temperature. DOes the PlaneWave package display this? The ASCOM interface standards used by ACP don't include mirror temps, motor temps, etc., by design, leaving this to the specific telescope control systems (which is where the mirror temp would be used to control fans, etc would be implemented).

I hope I haven't missed an implied question here. Feel free to ask for more info.

-- Bob