Hi everyone,

I am a new user to ACP but have a 15 year history in astronomy imaging. When reading through the documentation and help forums one thing I could not figure out is what is the recommended setup for what Maxim connects to. In the start up documentation it says to use ACP telescope ascom hub but then later on on that page it says to disconnect that. The questions I am looking to answer are related to charactering a 10 year old CDK 20 on a A200 mount. I would like to know the RA and Dec that the script sent the telescope to while then also recording the plate solved position so I can check the pointing. The second thing I've seen missing on several of my friends ACP system is the focus position, dome position, and mirror temperatures. For reference, I am using Maxim 6.30 and am using the current versions of ACP.

Thanks in advance for the help everyone,