Hi. I tried to open Maxim DL 6.26 on my 64-bit Windows 10 (Home edition) today and a window popped up saying that -
'my full Pinpoint license has expired and a new version is required for Maxim DL6. Do you want to upgrade to PinPoint LE? To upgrade your Pinpoint subscription, please visit www.dc3.com'

When I click 'No', I get -
'Pinpoint serial validation failed - no validator engine, code = -2147221005'

When I click 'Yes', I get -
'Pinpoint license data is invalid. Please re-enter your license info (Register PinPoint on start menu).

My C-Drive is almost completely full and I was deleting what I considered unessential items. I think that I deleted Maxim 4/5, since I use V6, which may have deleted Pinpoint. I then tried a Maxim DL upgrade and downloaded the latest version, I 'Repaired' it in programs, rebooted, same problems.

Can someone please tell me how to get it back? I paid for the full PinPoint Astrometric Engine version in September 2014.

Many thanks
John D