I know way off topic but...maybe someone has had a similar problem...new observatory computer W10 pro. Use an Icron Ranger which is a USB extender over Ethernet. Worked like a champ with the W7 system...plug and play, would give me in device manager COM ports to use for various things in the observatory. With the new system...there are NO COM ports...there is nothing to assign for telescope, focuser, anything. I have tried plugging in, unplugging, replugging, rebooting all to no avail.

I did read some stuff about virtual ports or something, not versed enough to do much with this. So I am basically dead in the water here. Again, W7, plug-n-play supposed to be for W10 but there are some issues.

I did some research that W10 can have an issue with no com ports, anyone had this problem and anyone have any ideas what to do to fix it?

Thanks, Mike