Hi William,
I am certain I did not do run "As Administrator". I will do so and run again. I have no need to the 64 bit version as I only use the SkyX to run the ParamountME, but I will do this just in case. Also will check the ASCOM driver.
Thanks for the advice,

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Hi Dick.

While you wait to hear back from Bob….

TheSkyX is one of those applications that must be run one-time-only “As Administrator” after installation, and, being split into separate 32 and 64 bit versions you have to run “As Administrator” one-time-only the bit version of TheSky that you intend to be using going forward, you also need to run “As Administrator” one-time-only MaxIm DL and FocusMax.

They don’t need to all be run together “As Administrator”, just start up each app individually “As Administrator” then after it has fully launched close it again and never run them “As Administrator” again.

Lastly, when setting up the options for Software Bisque’s “TheSky Controlled Telescope” ASCOM driver in ACP (and MaxIm’s guider method setup) you need to select the same 32-bit or 64-bit version of TheSky that you previously ran once “As Administrator”.