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    Default Important update for users of PrimaLuceLab hardware and PLAY software.


    For those of you using PrimaLuceLab (PLL) hardware, focusers, rotators etc, PLL have just released a new build of their PLAY software, v1.5.5, that has an added switch in the PLAY settings to disable auto-updates.

    With this switch set to "Disabled" you should no longer experience unexplained loss of control of PLL hardware when connected to ACP using ASCOM drivers should the auto-update routine begin installing new PLAY software in the background while the PLL hardware is actually in use via ASCOM.

    When this switch is set to disabled you will need to check on the PLL website from time-to-time for the latest PLAY software and drivers, they won't be delivered automatically.

    (To disable auto-updates click the "Auto update" button on the settings tab in PLAY to toggle it from "Enabled" to "Disabled" and then close PLAY immediately while that settings tab is still open by clicking the "X" symbol at the far top-right of the PLAY desktop, not the "X" symbol on the settings tab itself.

    The next time that PLAY is started auto updates are disabled and should not run when using PLL hardware via ASCOM drivers.


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