Thanks William! I've been seeing these things on YouTube (not my "source of record" ha ha).

Perhaps the most important part of your post is

As always with this kind of subject, make sure you have a full back-up of your computer to recover from, using third-party disk cloning software on to a dismountable independent disk drive and the appropriate bootable recovery media to use it. Don't rely on Windows Backup and Restore, or the Roll-Back facility in Windows Update, neither option is particularly reliable on a system that has been in operation for a few years and might have acquired more than a few OS errors.
This is soooooo important ... do this periodically period. I image all of my systems every month then take the portable USB drive to the safe deposit box. I also do nightly backups of critical files to a remote server, and all of my development projects are kept on a Subversion or Git remote server. This forum runs remotely on on A2 Hosting, and the Comm Center SQL database is mirrored to a different remote system. All of that is effectively off-site backup so even (God forbid) our place burns to the ground, I don't lose my business.

-- Bob

PS the general word is that Windows 10 support ends Oct 14, 2025.