Hey all,

First, to set the stage, outside of DC3 Dreams customer service in this new world is horrible. It seems all businesses are trending to less and less support. Gone are the days of manuals (yes, I love paper manuals...or even PDFs), actual human interaction, and customer support that respond to inquiries whether via phone or email.

Bob is the true exception to this recent trend. His customer support is unparalleled. He often says that support is his business, and he embodies that.

Back in 2014 we first purchased this product. I began the install and stopped on the third step and never went back. At that time, I reached out to many other peers to ask about my ACP install problems and get help. BUT, I did not reach out to Bob. Instead, the folks I did talk to said that ACP was very intimidating and required knowledge of coding. So, I ran in the opposite direction and over the years since have been living in constant frustration with the piecemeal solutions I tried to employ in lieu of ACP.

Fast forward to 2022. Bob and I sat down for lunch and a very candid conversation. He alleviated all of my concerns and reiterated that service is his business. With that, I dove back into ACP.

Boy am I glad I did. Bob's service and support is second to none. Every time I hit a bump, Bob was there to support and then some. Additionally, the support that he has provided via the 'Help' menus and YouTube videos are outstanding.

I could elaborate more, but for anyone new or in doubt using ACP, do not hesitate to jump in. This product is outstanding and has finally placed our observatory into a position where we can achieve the goals we have long desired to achieve. This would not have been possible without ACP.

Thank you Bob, for a great product and even better support. Feel free to forward my contact info to ANYONE whom has doubts about ACP's usefulness or has received bad gouge on ACP operations and install.

Thank you.