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    Default Force a Plate Solve After Correction Slew?


    For reasons that I don't understand, my images very occasionally are quite a bit mislocated. This is most likely to happen on the first image of a series, especially after a meridian flip. Sometimes, it's so bad there's no guide star (most likely after a meridian flip).

    I have attached a log from such an occurrence last night (first image after a meridian flip). I had to kill the run, and re-start ACP. It worked just fine after that. Yes, it was guiding (kind of), but on a very dim star, not on the very bright guide star it should have been guiding on, had that star been on the guide chip.

    While it's a mystery why the "correction" is so far off sometimes, if I could force it to do another plate-solve for any correction larger than, say, 1 arcminute, I suspect the problem would go away.

    Is that possible?

    I have max pointing error set to .1 minute. And I have max slew w/o pointing update set to .001 degree, but it NEVER does another pointing update after the first one. I have attached a screenshot of my settings in ACP.


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