Hey William and Bob,

I am not out of the woods yet.

After straightening out the 174 problem with a new cable directly attached to the computer, the 6200 stopped functioning properly.

Again, I have it written up over at Diffraction Unlimited.


Maxim is producing images with high ADUs... in the 10,000+ range as the raw FTS files. It is as if they were stretched.

The problem seems intermittent but almost constant occasionally seems I get a good image. I checked the settings with Colin.

If I use NINA with the same ZWO ASCOM drivers I get nice unstretched images. ADUs down in the 100s or lower.

I have uninstalled the drivers and Maxim twice. Checked the registry and looked for any hidden files.

Any suggestions or words of encouragement appreciated... this is now a month with ZWO stuff... BTW there were 6 copies of the 174 driver in the device manager! Probably would work now but the cable stays there.