We established the custom file naming and folder depositing for images through ACP Scheduler ImageFileConfig.txt. The file names were written, but the folder in Dropbox was not created by Scheduler. How do I fix this?

The ImageFileConfig.txt file reads: [*]C:\Users\User\BRIEF Dropbox\BRIEF shared\$USRNAME\$PLNNAME\$DATENITE\$DATEUTC-$TIMEUTC-$PLNNAME-$IMGFILT-$IMGSEQ

FOLLOW UP: When I created a new user in ACP to test this, it did instantly create a folder for that new user in C:\Public\Public Documents\ACP Web Data\Doc Root\Images

So, have I messed something up that it auto saved to this folder and not the Dropbox link? The above ImageFileConfig.txt line shows how it is written.