Bob - There are times when I think I understand what ACP does and doesn't do and then there are times when I feel completely at a loss. As I describe ACP to my wife and daughter, I liken it to the conductor of the orchestra. And that the other components, telescope, mount, and cameras, are like sections in the orchestra that ACP directs. But I really don't know if that is either accurate or particularly useful. It is obvious to me that something is amiss in the orchestra at the moment, and I would like to get to the bottom of that and fix it. I just don't know what to fix. Dean is just as certain as you seem to be that there is nothing wrong with Hyperion server. I have no idea. And since the software, his and yours are communicating at essentially light speed as far as my perceptions are concerned I can't "see" what is happening or not when the system crashes. I just see the result. It is particularly disheartening when the system crashes in the 597th second of a 600 second exposure, which I watched it do last night. It also crashed at lots of other times so that wasn't really special, it just would have been nice to actually get that image.
This evening the system has been running for about a hour and has not crashed. But it is also not doing anything, although that didn't keep it from crashing yesterday afternoon. I plugged the different USB cords into different spots on my laptop just for grins. Maybe one of my USB ports is a little flaky. I'm grasping at straws because there seems little else, I can do.
I'm available tomorrow afternoon, or sometime next week. Let me know your preference and we can always wrap Dean in.
I too would like to be happy. I am when the system works. I'm not now. But I have no idea how to fix this. I'm sorry that sometimes my frustration shows.