Mike ó Iím sorry to be so blunt, but reinstalling the ASCOM Platform and/or ACP will accomplish nothing apart from giving both packages a black eye for even suggesting it. Dean is grasping at straws. And reinstall is the weakest of all straws.

I understand your frustration. Finger pointing. Please give me a time to talk on the phone. Since Starizona is a retail business I think I can get Dean to join us at your convenience.

ACP doesnít make stuff up. It simply reports what it gets from the devices it talks to. Donít shoot the messenger. It is 100% that this error is coming from the Hyperion. I will try to explain in more detail with you both in a 3-way meeting. There is no hope of solving the problem unless we can focus on the real cause and eliminate the things that cannot be a cause.

I want you to be happy.