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    Default Rotator not connecting causes mount disconnect

    I'm trying to follow the logic in this but it seems that an issue with loosing a connection to my Optec 3" rotator is causing ACP to disconnect the mount which leaves the dome control dead in the water which means that if the e=weather turns bad I'm SOL. While I agree that I should have connected the direct close connections for the dome it still makes no obvious sense to me to disconnect the mount hence the dome control as well. Am I missing something? There may be an issue with my RG11 to USB cable or something not configured properly in the Pegasus unit but losing mount and dome control seems unreasonable. I can see failing plans taht require the rotator to operate but why shut down the mount? If collision is a concern why not just park the mount?

    I'll look further into the rotator and post back as well.

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