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    Default Filter Wheel not working

    Trying to work with the Aluma AC4040/FW7 filter wheel/SC3 guider. ACP gives me the message **exposure failed after being successfully started. It is also skipping filters apparently. This is a seven slot filter wheel...1=lum, 2=no (blank), 3=red, 4=not (blank), 5=green, 6=blue. It won't shoot green or blue for some reason. Gives the message in Maxim of "waiting for filter wheel" and then it stops. Log attached.

    Also tried to run the filter offset script. This gives the error**Script Error (Tracking has been stopped)**Source: Microsoft VBScript runtime error
    Message: Type mismatch: 'CInt'
    Location: line 136 column 9.

    Any ideas?
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