Hi Bob,

I'm tentatively revisiting this distant unsolved issue - the inability for Paramounts to use the Close-if-Idle feature in Scheduler (or more accurately, the idle scope alt/az feature). We have it running with our Planewave mount, but we've never been able to get it to work with our Paramounts.

It's a must have feature for us, to save the optics from exposure to dew, debris, etc., when there are gaps in the schedule, or if the schedule ends early due to lack of work. It's particularly important for telescopes running continuously. We don't need the feature to close the roof, just "park" the mounts.

The orginal thread is below, but I'm happy to start again with anything you need in order to try and get to the bottom of why it doesn't work.


It's particularly interesting that we could in fact get a Paramount to slew to Alt/Az coordinates via a script (thanks Dick) the last time we looked at this.

The urgency is not critical, but when things level out, do you think we might be able to tackle this again?