I have a CDK600 on a L600 Mount. I have a Diffraction limited Star Chaser with a QHY461 camera. I have been having problems with elongated stars and it has taken a little while for me to figure out the problem.

The scope when we Dither the scope between images, it takes a little while for the scope to settle down, and the guider takes images very quickly, so like 50 a second. The problem I am having is that the scope is not settling very quickly and ACP only lets the AOX take about 50 images (1-2 seconds time) before it fails the plan due to "Excessive Guiding Errrors"

I was wondering if there was a way to change this setting on number of attempts before erroring out or if I can make a minor change in the code to increase the number. I can set the threshold higher for errors but the scope does take time to settle and I am taking short images which does make the stars oblong.

thank you don.