Hi Howard,

I bought a new Beelink for my desktop computer in the house. It came with Windows 11 Pro, or so they said, but it was really Windows 10 with an "automatic" upgrade that had to be manually installed. That upgrade went well, and I've had no trouble whatsoever with Windows 11 and all the apps I had to install, except as Colin points out with the appearance being somewhat different. I really like the Beelink by the way - 25 cu. in. versus 1,800 cu. in. of the old tower.

However, on my observatory computer I'm going to stick with Windows 10 Pro as long as it or the computer lasts. No point in my making the upgrade to 11 since there's no advantage in terms of observing that I can see. You may have to accept Windows 11 on a new computer, but I'm sure you can still buy a new computer with Windows 10 Pro installed. That maybe the way to go.