It seems that "under-the-hood" Windows 11 behaves like 10. The challenge is that it is hard to find many features or options - due to all the screen layout changes in 11.
I've worked with a few MaxIm DL Pro customers who moved to 11. No known issues.

Some Advice:

Before installing/upgrading to Win 11:
Go to the computer manufacturer's website (Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus, ... Motherboard manufacturer for home-built PCs), and get their latest updater, latest BIOS / UEFI / Diagnostics / Recovery tools, latest drivers, etc.
Run the manufacturer support utility to get all updates installed. Repeat until complete.
Update all the drivers for the third-party hardware in/attached to the PC. e.g. visit the hardware manufacturer websites for AMD, Intel, NVidia, FTDIchip, Asus, Marvell, ... etc. Get their latest.

After installing:
After installing it, run Windows Update. Reboot. Run Windows Update. Reboot. Repeat many times.
Update the hardware drivers for Win 11; update the manufacturer's stuff for Win 11; and then run Windows Update a bunch of times.
Power Management settings (USB Selective Suspend) and Device Manager (power management properties on Serial ports, USB hubs, root hubs) may be harder to find, but they are still there and need to be dealt with (Powering off automatically to save power must be turned off!).

Hopefully that will save you time later, by investing time to get everything correct up-front.
Good luck!