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    Default ACP will no longer control the mount

    The last successful image run I had with ACP was on 7/22 since then every time it tries to control the mount, the mount throws an I/O error. It seems it can slew the mount once then it can't track or ever slew it again. I wasn't sure if it was a mount issue or ACP so I opened maxim and fm5, slewed to some place and did a focus run, that caused no error coming from the mount. It happens running scheduler or a single image run form the web interface. Since no run ever completes the logs are scarce. But I did mange to find some ASCOM logs. To me it looks like ACP says oh there is already an open connection to the mount i'm killing this one.

    NEW INFO - Connected to the Ascom Mount PWI4 from The Sky X - Slew to some place - success sidereal tracking - success No Error thrown.

    here is what I can provide - let me know if you need something else i'll try to find it.

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