Hi Bob,

you are on the right way...
After 30min of figuring out why the hell nothing changed at all I finally got the clue and deleted the browser cache ;-)
So now the validation works (BTW: in contrast to vn in vns you put the "str = str.replace(",", ".");" after the "Must begin with number" test, which I think is not completely correct (it must be done before as in vn).
BUT: The validation does not alter the input values at all (e.value) and the calling form contains the unchanged comma-value. I did not figure out, what happens with this value after validation but at least it does not find its correct way to the data base! You can easily try it. Set any Rotation Angle to "1,2" and save the changes. After opening another form and reopening the just saved, you will see that the rotation angle is 120,0!

If someone other than Bob is reading this and askes himself "Why does this guy not simply use dots when entering a value?!" : The problem is, that the values in the forms are displayed as ","-Values coming directly from the data base. This means when opening a form any value containing a "," (even those not changed at all) will change when soring it. All in all this results in a complete unusable form for all countries, where the default output of decimal values is the form "1,23".