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Hi Jerry,

I've attached an abridged copy of one of my MaxIm logs just for comparison. I have an SBIG camera and driver, so there are some different entries you do not see in your log (like, Callback...). But you will note the similarities, especially for the camera connections/disconnections and camera exposures.

Are you really taking 0.001s exposures? Is this part of the ZWO camera setup? And wouldn't 0.001s images likely be blank?

I thought these were an interesting two lines from the middle of your log above:

Started 0.001s 2394x1597 exposure, binned 4x4, ROI (0, 0)
Completed 4.353s 2394x1597 exposure, binned 4x4, ROI (0, 0)

As to the whereabouts of the log file, all I can add is that the MaxIm Help file says a new log is written every day to the My Documents/MaxIm DL 6/Log folder. Perhaps v6.20 didn't support this - you can search the help file for "log window" and then scroll down and select Log Window in the left-hand pane;.
It is weird Dick.

When this comes up it is still light so to test I have to make the exposure very short. After the start-up the ADU reading in the images are zeros "0". When disconnected and reconnected they are not zeros with the salt and pepper pattern of a dark file.

The night I did not reconnect, the images ran all night and all were solid black.

As suggested, I have delayed all actions to let it get fully powered up.

Maybe my venerable 6.20 version is not the best but I am waiting for them to finish their 64-bit version before buying a new one.

I think I will go over to their site and ask about this, cross-referencing this post...

I am leaning to hardware/drivers as this did work until a couple weeks ago...

I do not like that ROI (0,0) but is is the same when I get an image and also in your log.