The two problems appear not to be related.

In the 214314 log, 22:00:14 **Ephemeris data starts or ends more than 2 hours from Now

Are you using NEOCP Ephemeris data? If so it is for the wrong time. ACP will interpolate between ephemeris lines, but they must be for times before and after the present time.

In the 181701 log, 19:38:35 Message: Åtkomst nekad.

What does this mean in English? I am sorry. It is also difficult for me to support such an old version, and your support expired over a year ago. My policy is to help once on an expired "updates and support", but being old this makes it more difficult than supporting current customers. I have to dig up old scripts.

19:38:35 Location: line 1552 column 40.

Would you please zip up your AcquireImages.js and attach it here (<-link to attach instructions) so I know I am looking at the right one (probably 5 or more years old!) so I can see what is at line 1552.