I have heard very little from those who have configured V.5 or their experience with multistar focus I finally got around to switching to V5 a couple of days ago. Unfortunately the seeing here in the California desert has been disastrous ...lots of high and low winds throughout the day/night But I hope to report my experimenting. With the moon right now this is a good time to goof around. I was surprised to see that there are far many more changes with V.5 than just the multistar capability. It's actually a rather substantial upgrade. Focusmax in its previous versions has been very solid for me even with vastly different imaging configurations so I haven't felt a strong need to change. But it will be nice if multistar affords some benefits. I am not sure what to expect. The main advantage appears to be the ability to focus at the current target position with Acquirestar only kicking in if focus fails on target. (and that backup is a selectable option) Yet, I have never felt using Acquirestar and slewing to the zenith to be an issue or a disadvantage. In fact it seems logical and advantageous. I hope to soon find out. Whether multistar provides improvement in the overall quality of the focus or in reliability remains to be seen. I will be pleasantly surprised if it does. I know people using multistar focus with other software proclaim it is excellent.
Anyway I was just interested in hearing what others have found.

EDIT: Focusmax tip. They make this very clear but is worth repeating. If you run V.5 the first time you must "run as administrator" only once. If you go back to V.4 you must run it as administrator just once also. You can't go back and forth between the versions without doing this or you'll get an error message. Also remember to change your path to the correct version in your Startupobs.js if you're running that file...easy to forget.