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    Default Losing contact with mount - USB Hub Problem?

    Hi Bob - ACP continues to work well, with the exception that it is losing contact with my mount during some runs. The message in the logs suggests it is losing contact with the telescope. Specifically: [**HARDWARE OR DRIVER ERROR**]07:19:55 [Source: ASCOM.HyperionServer.CP210X]
    07:19:55 [Communication Failure]
    07:19:55 [This is not an ACP problem] (See attached logs)
    While this message from the log suggests it is the Hyperion controller, it is really the mount that goes away. This happened twice last evening. The first time I was able to see in ACP that the contact with the mount was lost while the rotator and focuser, which are controlled by the Hyperion software were still connected to ACP and Focus Max, respectively. I had the Hyperion controller attached directly to my laptop but the mount and cameras were connected through my powered USB hub. I had this problem before and decided it was likely the USB hub, which I swapped out for a new one. But the problem persists.
    I know this is not a ACP problem but I was wondering if you had seen this before and/or someone out there knows about reliable USB hubs that won't lose connections.
    Thanks, Mike
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