Out of a bit of fear of "if it ain't broke don't fix it" and lack of time I have a somewhat out of date ACP/Expert system that I finally want to do some upgrades on and it would be good to get thoughts on the optimum sequence for each upgrade (if I take a step by step approach) or if I have reached a point where I should just start again from scratch from a clean build.

As-Is state:
Windows 7
Ascom 6.4SP1
ACP v8.0 SR1 / ACP Expert 8.03
Focusmax (Only just upgraded from
MaximDL 6.16 (Only just upgraded from 6.12)
Eqmod 1.28m

To-be state (and questions)
Windows 10 (should this really go to Windows 11 now ?)
Ascom 6.6
ACP 9 / ACP Expert 9
FocusMax 5 (is this worth upgrading from ?)
MaximDL 6.29 (is this worth upgrading from 6.16 ?)
EQascom 2.00w