Hello Taka,
My name is Colin Haig, and I work for Diffraction Limited, makers of MaxIm DL Pro.
Bob and I will discuss this today.

Some suggestions:
1. Turn off Windows USB Selective Suspend and prevent Device Manager - device Power Management from turning off the devices to save power.
Details here on the Diffraction support forum:

2. In MaxIm Camera Control Window, Setup Tab, try turning off the Advanced Threading options.

3. If the problem happens again, we will need the MaxIm log from the same date as the ACP logs.
In MaxIm, View... Log Window.
Right-click in the Log Window.
Turn on Show Timestamps
Right-click in the Log Window again.
Open Log Folder.
Send us the log file that corresponds to the date when the problem happened.
There may be several logs with filenames like 20220808.log