I got an email message on our ‘info’ address from Dhyana. Here’s where we are. I’ll let Colin know about this thread so he can see the analysis so far.

Hello Derek -

I assume this is for our mutual Japanese customer Taka Sakamoto. Thanks for contacting me. I can’t explain the problems. Our software uses many of the “scripting” features of MaxIm. We call CCDCamera.Expose(), check CCDCamera.ImageReady, and more. I am copying Colin Haig of Diffraction in case he has thoughts, or is possibly familiar with your camera and if it uses a “native” driver that needs to be programmed specifically for MaxIm.

— Bob

On Aug 5, 2022, at 05:25, Stephanie Denny <stephanie@dc3.com> wrote

Begin forwarded message:

From: 王瑾 <derekwang@tucsen.com>
Date: August 5, 2022 at 1:44:07 AM MST
To: info <info@dc3.com>
Subject: Problem
Hi Sir/Madam,

This is Derek from Tucsen sCMOS camera company in China.

We have a client in Japan who use our Dhyana 400BSI sCMOS camera for his observatory. During his usage, he use ACP to contro Maxim DL to control our camera. For your information, our camera support MDL via our ASCOM plug-in.

Now the situation is, it is no problem for our camera to run on MaxIm DL alone. But if running both ACP and MaxIM DL, sometime the automatic operation will pause, and the client has to continue via manual operation.

Hereby pls find the vedio: https://drive.263.net/link/kbHbdTvFQBJi8cP/

From our side, we have tested the camera data, every time, no matter it is automatic start or manual start, our camera will immediately response, and now the question is how does the ACP control signal to MDL to switch between starts and stop?

Thanks for your support.