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    Default Changed out observatory computer - Have Camera problems

    So my old NUC was having issues with the onboard USB bus so I swapped it out with a new NUC.
    I saved the ACP profile and copied the scheduler db and xml files over.
    When I pulled the profile back in it gave some error that said it failed and it probably won't run and contact support
    Okay so I check the information in ACP and it's all there, weird I run the registry thing like it says and that seems to be where it fails.
    I tried running the registry thing again and it seems to work now. But the images still fail.
    However I ran a test and it communicates with everything the failure is when it goes to image with the camera it starts the exposure then fails saying the exposure failed, it seems like it sent the info to MaximDL to take the exposure and before it could do anything it kills the job.

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