Hi Bob,

We changed to a new CMOS camera Dhyana 400BSI (http://www.tucsen.com/Home/Wiki/index/dataid/29.html) recently. Since then, we are having the issue that the exposure of the camera is not completed (downloading of the image to the PC has not been started) and ACP is stucked after the message saying "(taking 10 sec, exposure, R filter, binning = 1)". This issue doesn't happen everytime. As shown in the Sceduler log file below, it goes without the issue for several exposures. According to the company of the camera (Tucsen), the issue doesn't happen running the camera in MaxIm DL (I am also sort of comfirming this by running the camera in MaxIM DL by exposing in the continuous mode). The camera is connected to MaxIM DL via ASCOM driver provided by the company.

I believe the issue is happening due to the communication between the ACP and the ASCOM driver of the camera. I know that the ASCOM driver of the camera is not well written. For example, 1. "cooler on" information is not displayed at the information of the setup tab of the MaxIM DL camera control window, 2. progress of the camera exposure is not shown as a bar at the exposure tab of the MaxIM DL camera control window, and much more. As can be seen in the attached log,

16:09:57 (taking 10 sec. exposure, Clear filter, binning = 1)
16:10:10 (starting exposure)
16:10:12 (exposure complete)
16:10:14 (exposure complete and image downloaded)
16:10:16 Image finished

the actual time between "(exposure complete)" and "(starting exposure)" is 2 seconds and not 10 seconds which is the actual exposure time of the camera. I am guessing the handshake between the ACP and the camera driver is not going well due to the badly design of the ASCOM driver.

According to my several trials, this issue happens within 2 hours after starting of the automatic observation by the ACP Scheduler. Is there any good approach to understand the fundamental cause of the issue? Since the company doesn't know/use the ACP, they don't have a way to reproduce the issue. It would be great if you can help debugging the issue, so that I can tell the company to fix the provided ASCOM driver.