I am having intermittent issues with FocusMax hanging up on ACP commanding focus changes with filter changes. The ACP console says, e.g. : "Switching from SI to R filter for imaging, Focus change of 290 steps required" (but it's not always these filters or this focus change), FocusMax reports Moving, but then never returns. This does not happen every time, but it happens frequently, such that I never get Scheduler to run more than 30 minutes or so.

I recognize that it certainly seems more likely to be a hardware/communication issue than a software one, but I can't seem to make it fail with repeated commanded focus changes from FocusMax itself or on focus runs. I have also replaced cables and changed USB connections, but the problem persists. It also seems that the issue started a few months ago when I upgraded ACP.

So just checking to see if anyone has had any similar experience and/or whether somehow the focus changes on filter changes are commanded differently somehow? Any troubleshooting advice would be appreciated.