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    Default [G11] Help me understand this Major Missed Target

    This is confusing me greatly. Let me set the stage. I am running my G11 here temporarily. It is old. It is horrible but with ACP and guiding (difficult) I have actually gotten some very good images. Last night in a full moon I had 2 main target run earlier in the night from Scheduler. Both were appropriate NB targets. When they were "done" at about 2am Scheduler selected M101. Why? Because I had zero moon constraints on the target. So, they probably would have been fairly useless images. But, I did it's beside the point. When I looked at them they were just a starfield.

    I plate solved them and they were images centered on another part of the cosmos! (M101 is roughly RA 14:00:00, Dec 54:30) . But the images for the run were roughly RA 6:45, Dec 5:00. (By the way, I checked my Scheduler. The coordinate are entered correctly.

    I have looked at the logs. To my eye, pointing and guiding was crummy (as it customarily does with this particular mount), but again, that is beside the point and not the issue for me. But the logs show that it ACP was "content" with those wrong coordinates. ACP knew were the scope was exactly and proceeded to image anyway. Why? Where did those coordinates even come from? Even more strange, in the next run the log was virtually identical and went to the same miss-target Here is the 1st M101 log that started (appropriately) later in night (in the early morning) after the other targets were imaged fine. Can you help me understand how/why this happened? I am sure there is a simple explanation and a major oversight on my part.

    Again, I have literally no issues with why Scheduler selected this target after successfully completing the 2 earlier targets (that were more appropriate and consistent with what I was really pursuing). Nor am I puzzled why Scheduler switched targets....the others finally fell below the altitude constraint I picked and Scheduler moved on exactly as it should.
    Thank you,
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